Father-Daughter Art Show 2006


This body of work was produced out from the concept of an imaginary daughter. Occupying a fictional persona disconcertingly close to my own, I produced a series of artifacts which hypothesized potential facets of her identity and elements of a fatherhood narrative. Exhibiting my fascination with parenthood and my fantasies of a young daughter, I placed the viewer in a position of unsettling intimacy—contemplating the boundary and interrelationship between male and paternal desire. I situated my body as a linking substrate throughout the project—as a remnant scent in the quilted shirts I used to wear, pressed against drawings and canvases in anatomical works, and located directly in the exhibition space through the Peek-A-Boo video, peering down at an empty baby carriage. On another level this piece could be read as a reflection on studio production—as proud artist rather than proud father, I can be seen doting on the products of my hand. This project can be understood as a device for exploration—expanding a space of content around a generative idea—and implicating my self in everything that was made. 



Installation Shots.





10 California Girls, Up For Adoption Now.
24" x 24". Oil and Graphite on Canvas.


Warm Bed.
Toddler bed, paper, graphite. Side, Foot, Head views.


Umbilicals. Baby Portrait.
9 x 9", pencil on paper.


My Girl My Nipples My Shirts (Quilt)
48" x 48", oil on canvas.
48" x 48", acrylic on canvas.

56" x 60", artist's shirts.


Baby carriage, video projection, extension cord.