Exercise Projects


At this point it would be inaccurate to describe these as exercise 'projects', persay. Please consider this page as an expression of desire to engage exercise and physical activity through my art projects. Check back in the future, maybe I'll figure it out. Or look for where these themes have come back in other work on my site.


The exercise frame.

These are images of a section of stud-framed wall that I appropriated as exercise equipment. I worked out with it in any way I could imagine--doing pullups, inverted situps, bench pressing, jogging it in circles around the room--with varying degrees of success. (once it fell over and I got a nasty smack on my head).

There were a couple of stories I told myself about this piece--one was that I was engaged in a process of co-modification--where I worked out on the frame to develop my body, and simultaneously I adapted and refined the structure to better facilitate my working out. I could evolve the exercise equipment. The other story I had going was that I would to exercise until the activity registered on the thing--ie sweat stains, dirt from my hands, worn wood, etc.


Athleticism as performance.

Hey, look at me doing physical stunts.