Chimney Screening Space.

For the Fresh show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, I was asked lead a design committee to build screening spaces for the video work in the show. Sharon Levy, Stephen Remington and I worked with the five filmmakers in the show to create these structures. Of the video works, I gravitated towards Zerek Kempf's smoke signals project (zerekkempf.com/smoke.htm), and designed this space in conversation with him.
This sculpture was developed specifically to show Zerek and Chip's 'Smoke Signal' piece, as a conceptual and aesthetic reaction to that work. The interior space of the chimney is sized to allow a few viewers at a time, to create a temporary intimacy in the semi-enclosed space. Visually and materially, the form is a reaction to the aesthetic evident in the video piece, and to the etherial nature of the smoke signals themselves.
Chimney. 2005.



5 x 5 x 9'. Steel, Wood, and cotton Muslin.